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As a team, we believe in building up the castles because when it comes down to teamwork & collaborations, The sky is the limit! Owning a restaurant business allows your imaginations to stream in and turn into reality, setting a trademark for clients to keep coming back to you. We welcome new Ideas & promote a sound working lifestyle where authoritative & individual objectives correspond.

The greatest things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people!

TFB Cloud Kitchen

With the rising competition and ever-growing technology, the food industry has always been under multiple technological innovations. Cloud Kitchen is one such concept that has sneaked in the food industry recently and has taken the global restaurant industry by storm.
Cloud kitchen menu items are optimized for ease of production and reliability of food quality upon delivery. Often physically located in out-of-town industrial complexes, cloud kitchens may offer driver parking, driver waiting areas (often with screens to monitor order times) and check-in stations for seamless driver pick-up.
All designed to get food out the door and into the customer’s hands as fast as possible.
Consumers are increasingly willing to pay a significant amount for the convenience of having their food delivered. If you’re thinking of setting up a delivery-only food brand contact us and be a part of The Friends bench cloud kitchen concept.

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