e The Friends Bench

Cuddle up with good books or turn the place into your muse. The cafe is a cozy home where you can plug in your devices, unplug the chaos and loosen up your mind to the soft music.

With the beautiful ambiance, bookshelf for book lovers, board games, charging ports, and a guitar, the cafe has hit the right chords of vibrant aura & friendly home.

The open kitchen gives you the experience of flavorful fragrance and artistry cooking of fusion food that we innovate & create. It's a paradise for fusion food lovers, and the chef's special is a must-try!

Amidst the serene skies and the tranquil arena of Vile Parle's east market, the Friend's Bench café is a cute place that stays in your heart. A vibe that feels like your heart & mind is in the right place!


Everyone hurls, "customer is our first choice." into the fog. In reality, the concept of loyalty towards Customers stands elusive to them!
But there's no chicken and egg confusion at TFB, We shape ourselves as per customer choices like water!
Exaggeration? No! We mean it.
The customer engagement & happiness set the ongoing & dynamic atmosphere of the cafe. We aim at creating quality delicacies and offering a variety of flavors & recipes.
We focus on detailing along with transformation to provide a wholesome experience of comfort, friendship, memories & quality food.


Money doesn't grow on trees, neither does a business!
Growth isn't a lucky draw. It is the years of learnings, consistency, and strong business relationships. We value relations because when taken for granted, the value of a business deteriorates.
TFB, with a vision of constant growth, aims at creating a strong client base with healthy partnerships and Customer relations. With each step inching towards growth, The value of a business is strengthened.
Uniqueness makes you irreplaceable, they say. We choose to be different and creative, which sets us apart from all comparable endeavors.


Chef Shubham Jhunjhunwala

A passionate cook & a business visionary, Shubham Jhunjhunwala established The Friend's Bench café in 2017 with the concept of friends "hitting it off" like the old school days & bonding over great food.

Inventiveness and imagination are the attributes of cooking and running a business. Balancing both is like walkingon eggshells! But his consistency, hard work & passion makes everything a 'cakewalk.'
If you talk about experience, chef has worked with Marriott group, Hilton hotel hotels, Royal Caribbean and has mastered in Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, indian, American, fusion Cuisines.

This attribute of working effortlessly with determination and inbuilt talent is an inspiration to the younger generation'

He also believes in experimenting & transforming flavors, creating fusion delicacies that will mesmerize your taste buds.
Adding soul to the recipes, crafting delicacies with uniqueness & diligence, and presenting the food in a way that not only satiates your taste buds but also gives a beautiful visual representation of varied flavors and colors.

Chefs turning into entrepreneurs have a great future and wider business opportunities and prospects. And our chefprenuer is making hay while the sun shines! With 7+ years of experience in the culinary industry, Shubham Jhunjhunwala is a chef, entrepreneur, food stylist, and consultant.